The biggest eLearning educative institution in Spanish.

The biggest eLearning educative institution in Spanish, according to the web https://www.bureauveritasformacion.com/ have been this morning in our “Aula HP” to know first hand, our developments in all VR/AR/MR immersion areas or what is known as UX in all industries sectors.

Ruth Ballesteros, at the center of the photograph.

Academic and Quality Responsible of Bureau Veritas University Center. Director of the Official University Master in Laboral Risks Prevention Management, the Excellence, the Environment and the Corporative Responsibility. European Doctor in Chemistry Engineer. She has shared with us this morning, transferring her concerns and ideas to make us know, at her discretion, the new formation standards were going.

Don’t forget that in all the programs on their formation site, 50,000 students from different nationalities are enrolled.

As always, our developers have been showing Ruth and Susana the latest applications created in “Aula HP” and of course, together in that image, where we try to give news to the great companies visiting us. It isn’t necessary to recall who Bureau Veritas is.

International leader company in Conformity, Inspection, Certification and Formation Evaluation in Quality, Security and Health areas (QSHE). Created in 81828, Bureau Veritas is in 140 countries through a 1400 offices an laboratories web, and counts with more than 69,000 workers and a client base of more than 400,000. Bureau Veritas is a society which contributes in the Euronext Paris stock exchange.

We, from our modest site, only want to thank the deference they had with us, and we hope and wish that this visit will be the first step in a collaboration, offering us the chance to maje a new form of seeing and understanding formation.

Thanks for your visit and we keep working in order to improve and give to the market what it needs to its improving.


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