Congratulations to Ecomation Oy for being the winner of the Innovations Innovation 2022!

Ecomation Oy from Finland has been awarded the prestigious Innovations 2022 Innovation Award. The company has proven to be a leader in innovation with its outstanding dry distillation technology. Its revolutionary approach in the field of dry distillation has led to the development of sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. The recognition of Ecomation Oy as an Innovation of Innovations winner is a testament to their dedication and excellence in developing creative solutions.

In addition, we would like to congratulate the other winners in the different categories for their impressive achievements in innovation:

Potential Innovations:

Spika Tech of Spain has been recognized by its innovative VR-CARDIO, a system designed for early detection, diagnosis and monitoring arrhythmias and heart disease prevention. Its focus on virtual reality technology applied to cardiovascular health shows its commitment to advancing medicine.

Metsä Spring Oy, also from Finland, has excelled with its 3D fibre product and demonstration plant. Its focus on manufacturing products from 3D fibre demonstrates its ability to develop disruptive solutions in manufacturing and industry.

TATA STEEL LIMITED of India has been recognised for its “Healthy Steel” concept. Its innovative approach to steel production shows its commitment to sustainability and improving the quality of materials used in various sectors.

Innovation in circular economy and carbon neutrality:

Ecomation Oy, again from Finland, has been recognised in this category for its Dry Distillation Technology. Its focus on circular economy and carbon reduction highlights its commitment to a more sustainable future.

Innovation in Healthcare Sector:

Dermacut AB from Sweden has been awarded for its SeeWound mobile app. This innovative tool in the healthcare sector enables efficient wound monitoring and management, thus improving patient outcomes.

Sascan Meditech Pvt Ltd. of India has developed OralScan, an innovative solution for oral diagnosis and monitoring. Its focus on oral health shows its commitment to improving healthcare and preventing oral diseases.

Cyber Surgery, SL of Spain has been recognised for its robotic assistant for minimally invasive spinal operations for spinal fusion. Its innovation in the field of surgery demonstrates its dedication to improving surgical procedures and patients’ quality of life.

Education sector:

Beez Tech Digital Ltd. of Israel has been awarded for its e-learning platform and community for older adults, iBrainy. Its focus on digital learning shows its commitment to inclusive and continuous education for all generations.

Zaragoza University Library in Spain has developed innovative services in university libraries, such as the Zaragoza University Seed Library. Its focus on preserving knowledge and promoting research highlights its role as a leading educational institution.

Somorrostro, Nazaret, Zabalburu – Formación Profesional de España has created BucovIA, an artificial intelligence tool to detect signs of bullying in the classroom. Its focus on student safety and well-being demonstrates its commitment to inclusive and safe education.

Public Sector Innovation:

China Mobile Group Zhejiang Co., Ltd. Wenzhou Branch of China has been recognised for its 5G+Cloud network-based AI City Patrol technology and detection system. Its focus on safety and urban efficiency shows its commitment to the development of smart cities.

Education sector:

Královéhradecký kraj in the Czech Republic has developed a regional open data catalogue and data portal for the Hradec Králové Region. Its focus on transparency and access to information shows its commitment to citizen participation and regional development.

Navantia SA SME of Spain has carried out the Smart Factory Project – Navantia Engines, highlighting its focus on digitalisation and efficiency in the industry. Its commitment to innovation and manufacturing excellence demonstrates its leadership in the public sector.

Business innovations (micro and startups):

Spouted Bed Solutions from Spain has developed HECO (High Efficiency Contact) technology. Its focus on efficiency and process improvement shows its commitment to optimisation in industry.

MOSO3D of Spain has created a smart 3D printer with interchangeable printheads. Its focus on versatility and innovation in 3D printing shows its commitment to customisation and efficiency.

Funki instruments AB from Sweden has created Funki, a set of musical instruments for people with intellectual disabilities. Its focus on inclusion and artistic expression shows its commitment to equal opportunities.

Business innovations (small and medium-sized enterprises):

Kyocera-Tikitin Oy of Finland has been recognised for its MEMS Resonator. Its focus on microsystems technology shows its commitment to miniaturisation and improvement of electronic devices.

Darwin Bioprospecting Excellence from Spain has brought next-generation bioprospecting, with access to the hidden applications of microorganisms. Its focus on the exploration and sustainable use of biological resources shows its commitment to innovation and the bioeconomy.

Losonczi Innovation Ltd. of Hungary has developed AXIS PRO, a new category of measuring machines. Its focus on precision and quality shows its commitment to manufacturing process improvement and measurement excellence.

Business Innovations (large companies):

State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Co. Ltd. of China has been recognised for its innovative practice of “Instant Access to Power Grid” service based on the concept of value co-creation. Its focus on optimising electricity services shows its commitment to efficiency and sustainability.

Tata Steel Limited (Sinter Plant) in India has developed an online quality monitoring and control system at its sinter plant. Their focus on quality and efficiency in steel production shows their leadership in the steel industry.

Each of these companies deserves to be recognised for their dedication and excellence in innovation. Their achievements demonstrate the transformative power of creativity and the search for solutions that improve our society. Congratulations to all the winners for their outstanding work!

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