The 6th of June we received in our “Aula HP” the visit of Jeronimo Alonso Martin, member of the leading board of the Efficient Construction and Habitat Cluster –AEICE-; together with Maria Pascual Saez and Irene Ibisate Dominguez 0f the Architecture Study C95 CREATIVE and Joan Miquel Rivera Cinca of the Construction and Technology Institute of Catalunya- ITeC.

Like in other visits, we always count with the help and company the professors of the vertical. In this case, as you can see on the right part of the image, Estefania Martin of the Informatic Engineer School and Maria Luisa Walliser of the Architecture Schoole were accompanying us.

In a tight schedule, we had the occasion of showing them the developments and projects that we are making in “Aula HP” for our vertical of Architecture, at the same time that from ITeC told us about their star product TCQ 2000.

TCQ 2000 is a multiplatform tool integrated, customizable and interoperable that works as a BIM visualizer in IFC format. We had the chance of hearing about their metaBase BEDEC, structured data bank of constructive elements.

Of course, although a tight schedule, also making time to share a coffee and some photographies as a reminder of their visit to our “Aula HP” and we hope and wish for a close future when we could share experiences, projects together which make our entities grow.

Thanks all for your effort, the presence and the wonderful attempt of near the new technologies to actual and future professionals who soon will have to face work world and we hope to give them the best tools for their professional and personal success.

A big hug for all of you and ONWARD!!!

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