We, from here, we wish you a large list of successes and that these see themselves reflected in lots of deals; like that signed with us to cooperate in “THE DEVELOPMENT OF DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGIES APPLIED TO AERONAUTIC INDUSTRY”

Counting with the support of consultancy enterprises, as big an important on European level, that they see us as partners, “associates”, in sectors of economy such competitive, is a satisfaction for us at the same time as a recognition, that doesn’t make anything else than ensure the trust we have in the six verticals that, together with HP Inc. we chose to start the path of “Aula HP”.

We remember them for those of you who don’t know them:

  • Telecommunications.
  • Aeronautic/Aerospacial
  • Architecture  
  • Medicine
  • Education
  • Industry

Only one month before 2017 finish, and only 13 months after the initiative begun, we can confirm projects, agreements and deals in all and each one of those verticals, which we wager for. We consider will be the areas with more development of the economy in the next 10 years.

From these lines, our recognition and gratitude to STUDEC IBERIA for trusting us for this project.

We keep working and informing you

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