Today I woke up with the news of “El País” newspaper, with analyze the term “sadvertising”.

To those who doesn’t know the term; like me, “it relates to the advertising movement which looks for seducing the viewer using melancholy and the saddest side of nostalgia.” (sic: El País, Héctor Llanos Martínez)

Everything in order to celebrate, congratulate or achieve the greatest impact on Christmas campaign. In conclusion, they want TO SELL.

This technique is opposed against the other that seems to go breakthrough to the new style of trying to sell more, the joke and/or the wittiness which makes us smile and brings us to share it in our social media or chats.

That’s why, in this day when we wish merry Christmas to our relatives, friends, clients, acquaintances and all those who are closer now than the rest of the year; I wanted to make a brief comment, although it only serves for me.

These dates should only serve to remember those who have been more distant to us, also all those who have been closer. Mercy to the interaction, we have achieve emotionally feeling better as a person and we have improve.

I think. NOT. I’m sure this has to be the reason of the congratulation. Thanking to the rest of the world surrounding us and which sometimes manages to make our path better.

To those reading this, to the ones who have been with us this 2019 and to all we don’t know yet, but surely will be closer in 2020.


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